• Good Friends of Georgetown County
      Good Friends of Georgetown County

      Good Friends of Georgetown County is an organization of women who seek to improve the quality of life of people in our community who face a temporary financial crisis that threatens basic human needs.

    We depend upon your generosity.
    The more you give... the more we can help.

    We help residents of Georgetown County who are facing some type of financial crisis or emergency and are not able to pay for things like rent, utilities, medical expenses, etc. Our motto is that "we give a hand up and not a hand out." Each applicant's situation is vetted to ensure that there is truly a need and also that the need is not duplicated with other programs.

    – Sassy Tugwell
    Good Friends of Georgetown County

    Sassy Tugwell

    About Good Friends of Georgetown County

    In 2001...

    A group of local women found commonality in their desire to establish a financial safety net for their working neighbors who live paycheck-to-paycheck. Their fundamental goal was to positively impact the lives of people in Georgetown County who are financially disadvantaged, do not qualify for social service programs and face a temporary financial crisis that threatens basic human needs.

    And so Good Friends of Georgetown County was born.

    Good Friends of Georgetown County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of women with different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our mission is to help neighbors-in-need when shelter, utilities, medical expenses, transportation or other basic necessities are in jeopardy. Qualifying recipients benefit from a one-time, urgent need gift.

    Since 2001...

    Good Friends of Georgetown County has raised over $1 million dollars, every penny of which has been kept in our community to help local “friends” who find themselves in an unexpected, financial crisis. Our annual holiday events and luncheons are celebrations of friendships. They give guests a chance to joyously share their blessings with those less fortunate.

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    Who We Help

    We help residents of Georgetown County who are facing a desperate financial situation that threatens basic human needs – shelter, utilities, medical expenses, transportation, etc. Good Friends applicants are screened to ensure that funds are distributed fairly and appropriately. Recipients generally do not qualify for any other social service programs. Funds are never given to the recipient; rather they are paid directly to satisfy the need of each recipient. All recipients must be residents of Georgetown County. 100% of all donations go to helping our neighbors-in-need.

    Recipient examples include:


    who were financially impacted by COVID-19 and needed assistance paying their utility bills.

    A working couple

    without the additional resources to replace their broken hot water heater. Good Friends purchased a new hot water heater.


    who are working, but needed help paying their rent to avoid eviction.

    Receiving Funds

    Good Friends of Georgetown County extends financial support to individuals through referrals from Georgetown County organizations and institutions such as churches, schools, the Smith Clinic, Family Justice Center, and others.

    To apply for assistance, please follow these updated steps:

    1. Download the Application: Our grant application is available for download directly from our website - download it here. Please ensure you complete all sections of the application to avoid any delays in processing your request.
    2. Submit Your Application: Once completed, you can submit your application by emailing the application and the required documentation to: [email protected]

    How You Can Help

    Donations are accepted year-round and can be made online or by mailing a check to:

    Good Friends of Georgetown County
    PO Box 667
    Pawleys Island, SC 29585

    In addition, you can volunteer to be a Holiday Event or Luncheon Hostess. To do so, or for general information about Good Friends, email us at [email protected].

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    Suzanne Christian
    Doris Dawson
    Sara Gane
    Nicole Hart
    Troi Kaz
    Anne Mountford
    Ashley Parker
    Kemilou Pomplun
    Laura Rippy
    Holley Rogers
    Tracey Rogers
    Julia Ryan
    Sassy Tugwell -Chair

    We would like to thank our sponsors, supporters and volunteers for their confidence in our work. If your business would like to become a corporate sponsor, please Contact Us!

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