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    The more you give... the more we can help.

    Many in our community are living paycheck-to-paycheck. One unforeseen medical expense, car repair or financial hiccup could forever negatively impact the future of these individuals and their families. Good Friends of Georgetown County seeks to be good friends to our neighbors who are struggling through a financially stressful situation.

    – Anne Mountford
    Good Friends of Georgetown County

    Anne Mountford


    We exceeded our goal of $65,000


    Our goal this year is $90,000

    About Good Friends of Georgetown County

    In 2001...

    A group of local women found commonality in their desire to establish a financial safety net for their working neighbors who live paycheck-to-paycheck. Their fundamental goal was to positively impact the lives of people in Georgetown County who are financially disadvantaged, do not qualify for social service programs and face a temporary financial crisis that threatens basic human needs.

    And so Good Friends of Georgetown County was born.

    Good Friends of Georgetown County is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of women with different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Our mission is to help neighbors-in-need when shelter, utilities, medical expenses, transportation or other basic necessities are in jeopardy.

    Since 2001...

    Good Friends of Georgetown County has raised over $735,000 and helped more than 6,000 people by hosting one, one hour holiday luncheon each December. The luncheon is a celebration of friendship and a chance for guests to give generously and joyously. 100% of donations are distributed back to Georgetown County residents who find themselves in a financially stressful situation and qualify for a one-time, urgent need gift.

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    Who We Help

    We help residents of Georgetown County who are facing a desperate financial situation that threatens basic human needs – shelter, utilities, medical expenses, transportation, etc. The Georgetown County Department of Social Services screens all applicants for Good Friends based on each applicant’s unique situation to ensure that funds are distributed fairly and appropriately. Recipients generally do not qualify for any other social service programs. Funds are never given to the recipient; rather they are paid directly to satisfy the need of each recipient. All recipients must be residents of Georgetown County. 100% of all donations go to helping our neighbors-in-need.

    Recipient examples include:

    Working father

    injured on the job and out on FMLA. Overdue electric bill threatened disconnection of service. Good Friends paid the electric bill.

    Working mother

    promoted at work and needed specific clothes and shoes to perform her new duties. Good Friends contributed to the purchase of needed supplies.

    Elderly man

    recently discharged from the hospital and needed assistance purchasing an antibiotic. Good Friends paid for the prescription.

    Receiving Funds

    Georgetown County organizations and institutions, such as churches, schools, Helping Hands, Smith Clinic, etc. refer their clients to the Georgetown County Department of Social Services to apply for financial assistance from Good Friends of Georgetown County.

    Those requesting consideration should apply at the Georgetown County Department of Social Services at 330 Dozier Street in Georgetown, SC and ask for “Good Friends Funds."

    How You Can Help

    The Good Friends Annual Holiday Luncheon is our organization’s primary fundraiser. However, COVID-19 health protocols simply will not allow us to host our annual luncheon in traditional fashion. While we would prefer to gather in one large group, 2020 requires us to be flexible this holiday season. On December 10th we will gather either “in spirit” or in small groups to celebrate A Good Friends Day of Giving.

    You are invited to host a small luncheon for friends or relatives, host a holiday drop-in for mimosas, meet a group of friends for lunch at a local restaurant or simply take a moment to reflect individually on your blessings.

    We will be pre-recording our traditional Good Friends luncheon program for viewing beginning December 10th at noon on our website at www.GoodFriendsofGeorgetownCounty.org. We encourage you to watch the recording and challenge you to give generously in this unprecedented year.

    Those of us on the Good Friends Board of Directors sincerely thank you for your past support and pray that you can be even more generous in this time of great need. Should you choose not to host or attend a gathering, please consider making an individual donation either online at www.GoodFriendsofGeorgetownCounty.org or by mailing a check to:

    Good Friends of Georgetown County
    PO Box 667
    Pawleys Island, SC 29585

    For more information or questions about hosting an event (deadline November 15th), please call Sassy Tugwell at 980-253-7200 or email at [email protected].

    For general information about Good Friends of Georgetown County, email us at [email protected].

    Donations are accepted throughout the year either online or by mailing a check to our P.O. Box.

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    Lori Cromartie
    Joan Currey
    Doris Dawson
    Amy Garner
    Michelle Lusardi
    Aixa Rodriguez-Maria
    Kathy May
    Marthena Grate Morant
    Anne Mountford
    Lisa Phelan
    Kemilou Pomplun
    Laura Royster
    Carol Brown-Sacco
    Mary Smith
    Sassy Tugwell

    We would like to thank our sponsors, supporters and volunteers for their confidence in our work. If your business would like to become a corporate sponsor, please contact us!

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